Proud Manchester United and FC Barcelona fan.
Expect a lot of Adnan Januzaj, Neymar and Mata x De Gea stuff.
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Emma Watson photographed by Chloe Mallett for InStyle

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"It’s good to be recognised for your performances on the pitch but I realise that I have to work hard and keep progressing as a player."

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in which elsa is a drug dealer



This is fucked up
This fucked me up

what the…how the fuck? what the fuck?

United are the team for me.

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idk man there’s just something really flattering about people who acknowledge your existence even when you’re not with them


He defined himself so well😂

Now, after five years of your departure, the club has another wunderkind in its ranks in the name of Adnan Januzaj. In what has been a season in which we have hit rock bottom for the first time in the Premier League era, he has given us a glimmer of hope that not everything is over at the club as yet. When I close my eyes, he reminds me of a skinny you who took centre stage a decade ago. That ability to take on players and that desire to work his socks off can be seen in him.  -  An open letter to Cristiano Ronaldo from a Manchester United fan (x)