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Expect a lot of Adnan Januzaj, Neymar and Juan Mata x David De Gea stuff.
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Burnley 0 vs 0 Manchester united

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"He is a tremendously fast and incisive left-footed player who puts fear into the most accomplished defence. His dribbling skills and his ability to take on and beat opponents are a joy to watch. He is an excellent addition to the team.” - Van Gaal

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i’m not a good person

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New members of the Red Devils family :)

one by one they are comming

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Footballers who make me wanna cry [9/?]: Daley Blind

"I think Daley is well able to show the English football what he shows here." - Van Basten

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Winning all the time is impossible, even for a group that will go down in history as one of the greatest teams ever assembled. Does the rage stem from the misplaced faith? Disappointment? Who knows why supporters rage against the athletes who strive for success on the collective behalf, but it is so in every sport, even as people who are more intelligent than we are explain to us how absurd our expectations are, that logically, winning is mathematically incalculable. But loving a team isn’t math. It’s…emotion, and belief, and rage when that belief is misplaced, lashing out at the people who we think brought us this misery. “I want them GONE!” And yet, ultimately, that something is the humanity that makes bodies falter and psychology slip, that allows that imperceptible diminution of effort that is truly nobody’s fault. It just happens. Yet in looking back at this season of court proceedings, injuries, tragedy and sadness, I can’t be mad at anyone. They tried, even as they came up short. Did they try their best? In my worldview, encapsulated in the notion that no matter what you did, you tried your best in the very conditional notion of that thought, yes. And they got close, ultimately undone by a confluence of things, everything all at once. For the struggle, the joy, the great moments and hope, all that I am left with is to say, as should we all, “Gracies, equip.” [x]

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